Perfect Fit

A full stack web application that serves as a community platform and puzzle swapping platform for puzzle enthusiasts, like me!

Perfect Fit was built using a React - Redux & JavaScript frontend, Python & Flask backend, and uses an PostgreSQL database, which is managed with SQLAlchemy. This app features front and backend authentication using React Router, which secures user information and ensures privacy. The user is also able to use a filtered search feature, which provides a fast, intuitive, and immerse browsing experience.

This site supports puzzle swapping, which was accomplished through utilization of complex Flask - SQLAlchemy database models and queries which form multiple connection between data tables to eliminated unecessary latency. Combined with React - Redux linking, the end user exerpeinces a smooth and intuitive navigation.



An emoji-themed Discord clone

Commoji supports live chat channels via web sockets, as well as emoji reactions. Custom React and Python functions were implemented to store, retrieve and display emoji unicode, to provide a fun and immersive chatting experince for users.



An AirBnB clone that allows users to browse for and book available lairs in the Game of Thrones world.

React - Datepicker was utilized to enable seamless integration between the database, server, and front end calendar. This results in an intuitive booking system, which prevents booking-conflicts throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

LairBnB was built with an Express.js backend along with a React - Redux frontend


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